Innovation and sustainability

At VBT innovation means producing better to meet our customers' technical and innovative requests, but also producing compatibly with environmental sustainability.

JENBACHER GAS is the world's leading company for the manufacturing, research and development of gas-fueled cogeneration engines. Our engine is classified as medium and produces half of the Company's electricity usage (1000 KW). While producing electric energy, the engine releases a considerable amount of heat, which is then reused partly for the heating of the factory and partly for the heating of diathermic oil employed in the machinery. In this way no waste of heat is allowed.

Green energy and environmental sustainability are the core principles underlying the Bonesi family's decision to invest in photovoltaic: panels and inverters from the European manufacture which are synonymous with reliability and optimal returns. Engines are entirely monitored to check the absolute returns of every single panel and inverter. The engine installed on the roof of Vetraria Bergamasca Tecnovetro is among the most important of that kind in Italy and is able to produce about 1 million KW yearly, satisfying half of the Company's demand. Through the combination of the two above-mentioned engines (PV and gas-fueled generator), our Company is able to produce all the energy it needs in a wholly sustainable way.

Another important investment has been represented by land drilling for the recovery of water from the water-bearing strata. A deep drilling was executed and some pumps were installed to withdraw drinking water from underground with maximum terebration depth fixed at 50 meters. The water withdrawn from the well is employed for industrial or fire control uses. We use rainwater collected by accumulation tanks for irrigation purposes.

Years of experience and mistakes drew our Company to invest in the reuse of the water employed in processing. Such water is firstly collected through a closed ring circuit, then centrifuged, filtered and finally put back into circulation. Anytime the engine allows water evaporation and the remaining quantity is insufficient to satisfy processing needs, there is an automatic fill up of fresh water from the underground strata.

When choosing a compressor, once more VETRARIA BERGAMASCA TECNOVETRO did not care about expenses. Our motto is always the same: "to spend more to obtain less energy loss and more control over the environment." We firmly believe that this choice will pay back in terms of both health and money. That's why the installation of Kaeser air compressors, for the provision of compressed air in the processes of industrial transformation, will prove to be another first-rate decision. The model adopted is a guarantee of high performances and reliability. The compressor "CSDX" works with INVERTER (SFC). This combination allows the self-balancing of the engine, that is to save power when processing does not need any air (e.g. during lunch break or at night). These engines were designed to guarantee maximum efficiency, safety and maintenance ease.